43% reduction of cost per acquisition compared to best forecast target after consumer launch


  • We helped to successfully launch a brand new lifestyle and gaming app to the UK that gives people the chance to win daily jackpots in return for watching two online adverts
  • Raffler trended in the App store within 48 hours of launching
  • We reduced Raffler’s CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) so it was 43% lower than the initial best forecast target


  • We tested a variety of audiences and marketing channels to identify the right target groups to drive the best combination of CPA and retention, and created a scalable model for full-scale roll out


  • With the potential audience being so broad and there being a high possibility for wastage, we advised against sizeable spend across multiple digital channel
  • Having tested a range of messaging with broad target audiences and various on and offline channels, we captured DNA models of each audience group
  • Using these insights we were able to continually optimise the results, constantly lowering the CPA


  • By understanding which messaging resonated with which audiences we were able to identify how best to retain Raffler players
  • This was combined with cohort analysis to optimise how and when to communicate with players to best drive engagement


  • The audience and acquisition insights have been used to develop a highly effective brand strategy
  • A roll out model for tech developments was built to be synchronised with our marketing objectives
  • A trading model has been built that allows us to identify ROI of relevant marketing channels and to continually optimise