54% increase in online conversion rate after brand rebuild and ecommerce model development


  • We worked with the monthly UK subscription-based service for sanitary items to develop their ecommerce model and build their brand
  • We increased the online conversion rate by 54%, reduced the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) by 84% and reduced the churn rate by 77%


  • As a product that is applicable to such a large proportion of women, the challenge was to effectively find which sections of the female demographic were the most cost effective to convert into signed up subscriptions
  • We broke the potential audiences into specific target groups with tailored messaging and marketing creative for each vertical. By cautiously testing across each of these verticals we were able to identify which audiences were most likely to purchase and be strong advocates


  • We built a scalable CPA model and analysed the website user flow and optimisation to increase the conversion rate
  • Having identified which audiences engaged with which messaging we developed the SEO, PR and Social Media strategy


  • The broad-reaching social media campaign with po.st link tracking ensured we were able to build detailed profiles of each demographic which in turn allowed us to optimise the ROI model
  • Our PR campaign included establishing Sanitary Owl’s founders as bloggers for Huffington Post to help build the brand’s credibility and profile within the FMCG industry


  • By continually tracking the impact on acquisition costs, repeat purchase and advocacy we have been able to refine multiple areas of the business such as price point, messaging, brand positioning, website UX
  • These have all helped optimise ROI and build a trading model which gives accurate forecasts of the return for each marketing channel