6% increase in turnover since bespoke marketing trading model was applied


  • Since we started working with the south of England’s fastest growing ‘pubs with rooms’ company its turnover increased from just over £1m £15m, and from two to 12 sites
  • The marketing trading models we created helped F&B revenue increase by 15%, with room revenue increasing by an average of 20%
  • We increased the average room occupancy from 70% to 80%


  • We created a trading model that analysed the RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) and TrevPAR (Total Revenue Per Available Room) generated by each marketing channe
  • From this we were able to identify which marketing actions attracted which audiences and therefore which drove the greatest ROI


  • The bespoke trading model allowed us to optimise bookings depending on the style of venue, time of year and type of customer being targeted
  • We were able to optimise each booking channel and improve the customer CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)
  • This increased room bookings, the profit margin on bookings, footfall into the estate of pubs and drove higher levels of F&B sales


  • We created probability models for acquisition and customer retention
  • Our national PR and social media campaigns were designed to drive organic demand and we generated an average of 20 pieces of high profile media coverage per month


  • By collecting and effectively utilising data we were able to increase sales, optimise marketing channels and increase customer LTVs (Life-time Value)