1 new brand identity resulted in optimum and unique marketing positioning


  • As a leading provider of international luxury holidays which are on average 25% cheaper than its competitors, we rebranded the business from Better Late Luxury to True Luxury Travel, including new logo, brand identity and website design
  • Our remit included the development of a marketing strategy, creation of a full scale marketing plan including CRM, social, digital, PR, ambassador and events to develop a ROI-based trading model


  • Insights showed that price was not a concern in the luxury travel sector, however customers wanted to feel they were paying a fair price for the service
  • Better Late Luxury was repositioned as ‘True’ to show that it provided the customers with the ‘true’ price, while still retaining the true quality of service and ‘true’ level of expertise that other premium operators provide


  • We created a full scale marketing plan, which defined the priorities and timings for developing each marketing channel, enabling the campaign to be most effectively implemented with the best results
  • We also reviewed the sales process to ensure that all leads were converted most effectively


  • We developed a quality brand and identity which reflected the premium nature of the service, and which customers wanted to be associated with
  • Our strategic planning revealed that potential CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) to existing customers via upsell was substantially lower than the CPA for new customers, therefore the plan specifically focused on developing retention and upsell tactics


  • The plan took into consideration detailed analysis of the existing market place as well as future travel trends, ensuring we maximised current opportunities whilst planning and accommodating for future developments