UK App Hits Over 1.2 Million Plays in 6 Months as £150k Given Away for FREE

10 . 5 . 2016

London, UK: Raffler, which has revolutionised how lotteries and prize draws work by becoming the first UK-based App to give away money for free, has launched a new version on iOS and Android. The new look app will allow people in the coming weeks to win secondary prizes, meaning even more people will win cash for free.

Created out of a desire to democratise lotteries and give everyone an equal chance of winning money for free, Raffler allows players to enter a daily prize draw by watching two 30 second video adverts on their mobile or tablet.

Once the adverts have been watched the player is entered into that day’s prize draw, which now takes place at 7pm GMT. Winners have 24 hours to redeem the prize, before it rolls over. The largest rollover winner has been £4,000 won on two separate occasions by James Green from Cannock and Tobias Balen from Leeds.  Since the app first soft launched in February it has had an incredible 1.2 million plays and given away £150,000 in tax free cash.

The daily prize draw is guaranteed to be a minimum of £1,000. However, with the prize pot funded through revenue from the video adverts, the jackpots will get larger and more secondary prizes will become available as more and more people join the revolution and start to play.

While players can only enter Raffler once a day, they can play the free App for as many days as they want without ever having to pay to enter. What’s more, players can boost their jackpot by an extra £1,000 by inviting friends to sign up to Raffler.

Each player can provide up to 10 friends with referral codes, with £100 added to their jackpot for every friend that signs up. The app, which is played across the country has proved a hit with a broad range of demographics from students, to city slickers to busy mothers.

Raffler co-Founder Joe Glick, said: “The last six months have proved that it really is possible to give money away for free. We saw how businesses like Uber and Airbnb ripped up the rule book for how their industries are supposed to work and wanted to do the same to lotteries and prize draws.

“The support we’ve received from our players has been quite amazing. Many of our original players are still Raffling several times a week. Developments with the new app mean that we can keep players posted of draws with push notifications so they never miss out on the chance to win.”

Due to Raffler being free to enter, is it not legally considered as gambling, however as part of its commitment to social responsibility, Raffler limits plays to users who are 16 or over.

Raffler is the brainchild of Trinity College, Dublin graduates Joe Glick and George Hattrell.

To download Raffler, visit: