White Car to Revolutionise Self-Drive Car Hire Market with Smarter and Simpler Service

10 . 5 . 2016

White Car to Revolutionise Self-Drive Car Hire Market with Smarter and Simpler Service

  • Five Tesla Model S 90Ds available for self-drive hire from August 2016 via iOS & Android app
  • Hassle free car hire with completely transparent pricing

UK-based company, White Car, which is aiming to redefine the self-drive car hire sector, is offering customers the chance to be among the first in the UK to drive the much-vaunted new shape Tesla Model S 90D, when the company launches in the UK this summer.

The innovative car rental business, which is giving members of the public the opportunity to invest in the company via a £250,000 Crowdcube campaign starting on Friday 6 May, will have five of the new shaped Teslas available to hire from Monday 1 August from its base at Heathrow Airport. Pre-bookings can be made now at www.whitecar.eu.

Redefining Car Rental

Using a similar business model to the hugely successful Silvercar in the US, which received a $28 million investment from Audi earlier this year, White Car will remove all the hassle and confusion that currently comes with hiring cars, allowing customers to simply ‘arrive and drive’ all at the touch of an app.

White Car is the brainchild of Mark Strachan, a proven entrepreneur who, said: “We are reaching an exciting tipping point in the electric car market, with companies like Tesla paving the way for electric cars to become a mainstream reality. This, combined with the fact that the car rental market in the UK and Europe is often cumbersome, confusing and lacks innovation, means there is a wonderful opportunity to disrupt the sector with the launch of a premium all-electric car hire company driven by a smartphone app.”

White Car’s fleet will consist exclusively of the much-vaunted Tesla Model S 90D, which is 4-wheel drive and has the largest battery in Tesla’s offering with a range of 300 miles per charge. The innovative approach to self-drive care hire guarantees that customers never have to settle for a different car to the one they originally booked.

Simplicity and Convenience

By embracing the latest smartphone technology, White Car will simplify the booking and collection process and bring complete transparency to the pricing structure. Customers will book through the simple and easy to use app (iOS and Android), taking away the need for onerous paperwork.

When a customer arrives at one of the White Car hubs – which will first launch at London Heathrow Airport, the premium quality Tesla will be delivered to the driver personally. The customer will use the app on their phone to gain access to the car, meaning no more lengthy transfers to car hire offices and an end to frustrating long queues at the kiosk.

Those living within 50 miles of Heathrow and all future White Car hubs, who are interested in having a Tesla delivered to their door, will be able to take advantage of free delivery. Equally, customers will be able to leave the car at any location of their choice for free if it is within 50 miles of the White Car hub. Those based further afield will be able to have a Tesla delivered to their choice of destination or drop off where they want, for the cost of a day’s rental.

Complete Transparency

There will be one highly competitive, flat, all-in price of £149 per day, inclusive of VAT, which is cheaper than hiring a BMW 5 Series or Mercedes E Class from an established car rental company. The rate also ensures there are no baffling insurance options and, most importantly, no nasty hidden costs. With nearly 4000 electric charging points across the UK, fuelling a Tesla is completely free, while a 20-minute top up at a Tesla supercharger gives you a range of up to 170 miles.

Investment Opportunity

The incredible global success of the Tesla Model 3, which has registered over 400,000 pre-orders, shows the growing appetite for electric cars. White Car offers a unique opportunity to capitalise on the trend while disrupting the often inefficient and outdated business model of the car hire industry in Europe.

White Car will be seeking to raise £250,000 via Crowdcube for 33% of the company. The business projects that by the end of the third year it will have 20 outlets across the UK and Germany with a turnover of £20.8m. By reducing operating costs by 13% compared to the traditional car hire operators, White Car forecasts a pre-tax profit of over £6m by the end of year three.

Anyone investing over £2,000 via Crowdcube will receive a reward. Those investing £2,000 will have use of a Tesla for a day; those investing £5,000 or more will have use for a weekend; those investing £20,000 or over will have use for a week; and those investing £50,000 will have the opportunity to attend a trip to the Tesla factory in California as well as the use of a Tesla for a week.

Mark Strachan, commented: “Our nimble model allows us to operate with substantially reduced overheads than traditional operators. This in turn means we can expand to new hubs quickly and provide a premium service with more convenience at a highly competitive price. It also ensures that we can project significant returns for investors.”  

While White Car will initially open with a base at Heathrow it will look to expand into further sites in the UK and to Germany within the first year.