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Our promise is simple. We will always give you the right independent marketing advice for what is best to deliver your business objectives. Sales and marketing has never been more challenging. Get your marketing right and the sales will flow. But how do business owners know what is really right for them? This is where Thomond makes a difference. We are completely independent and guarantee to always give you honest and impartial advice about what strategy and tactics you should be pursuing.


We understand that many business owners need to have complete trust that what they are investing in is going to make a tangible difference. Unlike traditional agencies our strategic approach and structure means we aren’t financially motivated by what marketing tactic businesses employ. This guarantees that we always provide completely honest advice for what is best for your business.


We are driven by being the best. All strategies are based on using the best insights, techniques and experts. Our team of experts have been business owners, managing directors and held senior board positions in leading global consultancies and marketing agencies. This gives our clients peace of mind that they always have a truly expert team working on their business.


In a world that is changing quicker than ever, we appreciate the power of being innovative. This is why we combine cutting edge techniques with neuroscience and AI to understand who we need to reach, how we’re going to engage and convert them and how we’re going to retain customers. We combine innovations with good old-fashioned experience to create best-in-class strategies.

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We all gain from being empowered with knowledge. Marketing shouldn’t be a frustrating black box for the curious. Here’s some of our learnings for you to add value today to clients, bosses, or investors. 

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Learn essential advice and tips on how to improve your sales and marketing to drive more leads, increase conversion and improve your retention and advocacy by read our blogs and whitepapers.


Creating a Killer Ecommerce

Learn what key steps you should be taking to drive quality traffic to your website, increase conversion and optimise retention.


How to make Data Work For You, Not Against

We are now swimming in a sea of data. There is one secret in marketing that is more valuable than any channel, tactic, or piece of data. 


Create a Gold Standard Marketing

Creating an effective marketing strategy has never been more challenging for scale up businesses. With customers facing so much choice in noisy and crowded market places, it’s more critical than ever before that businesses have an effective strategy.

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